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The Official website of St. Edmund Hall Boat Club, founded in 1861. Sponsored by Danebury Vineyards.

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The Committee


Benjamin Evans, 1st Year DPhil, Materials Science,

Hi, I’m Ben and I’m this year’s President. I’m a first year DPhil Student in Materials Science, but I also did my undergrad at Teddy Hall - so I’ve been here quite a while!

The role of the President is the looking after the Boat Club as a whole. This ranges from general oversight and welfare, to helping Captains with organisation as well as organising Boat Club dinners and Stash orders. I’ve rowed and coxed for the Hall and have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it! If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Vice PResident

Liv Pryer, 4th Year, Medicine,

Men's Captain

Marc Ewenz, 2nd Year, DPhil, Engineering Science ,

Hi everyone, I’m Marc and I’m this year’s Men’s Captain. This is my 2nd year at the Hall and 6th year of the sport. My predecessor Doug said at the beginning of last season that he wanted to take SEHBC to the top and he’s done a bloody good job! Due to his work, the Hall is blessed to have a large core of enthusiastic, fun and sporty rowers, coxes and coaches and is now more prepared than ever to rise. This year, we were the third fastest crew in HBR Qualifiers, beating Oriel, Pembroke and Christ Church, which qualified us for BUCS, where we finished 13th best intermediate crew in the country, beating University 1st VIIIs and every other Oxbridge college. My job is to maintain this momentum by setting up a good training schedule, organising Senior and Novice Coaches and aiding anyone who wants to join the Hall on the men’s side – whether you are a complete beginner or school boy rower, don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. Oxford is famous for rowing, so if you’ve ever considered trying the sport, I’d highly recommend it – this is the best opportunity to try it out at a club filled with great people.

Women's Captain

Megan Jones, 2nd Year, Fine Art,

Hey! I’m Megan, this years Women’s Captain. This is my second year rowing for the Hall and I’m absolutely loving it! Rowing for Boat Club is not just about delivering exceptional standards on the water, it is also about being part of one of the largest and friendliest clubs at Teddy Hall. Our high standards never get in the way of the fun and socialising, and we welcome everyone - no experience necessary! Whilst the Women’s 1st VIII place in the top division for Summer Eights, last year our 2nd VIII (made up entirely of novices) also won Blades! From two training Camps in Italy every year to plenty of crew dates and fancy meals every term, rowing is a very sociable sport where you’ll make great friends from all years and subjects! Any questions, feel free to get in contact!

Vice Captains

Aksel Saukko-Paavola, 3rd Year, Biochemistry

Rosie Munday, 3rd Year, DPhil Medical Science


Catriona Campbell, 2nd Year, Physics,

Hi, I’m Catriona and I’m your Treasurer this year. My job is to look after the accounts, payments and budgets including fundraising and stash (and hunting people down for subs payments). This is my second year at the Boat Club - I’ve loved every minute of it and can honestly say that I have met some of best people through it. If you’re even slightly interested about rowing or coxing, free to email me or grab me for a chat - I’d love to see you out on the water!


Alex Moss, 2nd Year, Earth Sciences,

Hi, I’m Alex and I was a novice last year, and in many ways I still am… My job is to keep records and organise meetings for the Boat club. This is my second year at the boat club and I’m totally hooked, I have met the best people and enjoyed many an eventful crew date. If you're even slightly interested about rowing or coxing, feel free to email me or grab me for a chat - I’m more than happy to talk to anyone about getting into rowing.

Captain of Coxes

Natasha Cooke, 2nd Year Biochemistry,

Hi I’m Tash and I’m Captain of Coxes this year. I had never been involved in rowing before coming to Teddy Hall and it was a real privilege to be taught and encouraged by such an amazing group of coaches and friends. I’m a second year biochemist and this is also my second year of Teddy Hall rowing. I had a fantastic time coxing the M1 last year and I can’t imagine life at Oxford without being involved in the boat club. Coxing is so much fun and I’d encourage anyone to give it a go. I can attest to the fact you don’t need any experience! Please do get in contact if you would like to give it a go or have any questions at all!

Water Safety Adviser #safetydragon

Dhaval Desai, 4th Year, Maths,

Hi, I'm Dhaval, a 4th year Mathematician. I've been involved with the Boat Club since freshers, and learnt to cox at Teddy Hall. In my final year of rowing, I was curious as to what my next venture would entail. One hot summers day it came to me in a dream: I want to make college rowing safer. The role of water safety officer found me, and I envisage a safer environment for Teddy Hall BC and rowing in general. If you have any questions about rowing or coxing then drop me an email, I'd love to see you out on the water!!!

Communications (IT) Officer

Agastya Pisharody, 2nd Year, Materials Science,

Social Secretaries

Alistair Ross, 2nd Year, Chemistry,

Aksel Saukko-Paavola, 3rd Year, Biochemistry,